looking for k.

Paris, France 2009-2010. small format on b&w film

“As a photographer, one learns to be alone. It is a solitary work which demands lots of thinking, thinking about one`s self, lots of questioning; walking, looking, searching, observing.

At one moment, I knew what I was looking for. But I`m not looking for anything anymore. Instead of fame and fortune, give me thruth.

I have a complex personality. It`s probably one of the reasons why I prefer to take pictures of places without people. Places where one can imagine that something happened, or something will happen. We don`t know these places very well. One can imagine a scene, a simple story, a love story, a drama - all of these stories mixing up with our proper past. Sometimes I wish that my eyes were the camera, or that the camera was my eyes, but I don`t dare. I wouldn`t be fast enough, anyway. My eyes are much quicker. I am looking for solitary places, places in a distance, not too close.

When I am walking around, in the evening, at twilight, the scene around me transforms itself. I am strolling around without any real reason, just to walk, very simply, or to look for a feeling, a sensation from the past. While doing this, I can easily imagine myself in all this scenery. An open scenery, empty, waiting to be filled. There are always stories from the past, even when one is not aware of it.

I have different ways of working as a photographer. Sometimes I just like to let myself, freely, to follow my instincts, and not always do everything according to logical rules, rules that are well set up, that are well limited.

The black and white and the 35 mm format are my partners in the constant search for k.”